Pro Hockey & CTW background info

I am from Boston, MA and attend a lot of pro hockey games each season.

Hope you like the site. All pics taken by me, TeamShred Photography.

In my other life, I book bands into local area clubs under the Team Shred moniker.

I also did radio for 20 years at the historic rock radio station in Boston, WBCN. It is now streaming, occasionally live at and I sometimes host shows when I can. I usually post that info on my facebook page.

In my personal hockey career I ascended to Bantam AA status at age 14 with Assabet Valley Patriots. A few players on our team included Stanley Cup Champion goalie, Tom Barrasso and Boston Bruins‘ center Bobby Sweeney, as well as Harvard Crimson college hockey standout Allen Bourbeau. I was one of the worst players on the team.

After that I only played recreationally, because my high school didn’t have an ice hockey team and my parents refused to send me to another town in the area that did. So I ended up pursuing a music career and still play lots of ice hockey, teach skating with Bay State Skating School and offer private lessons too. I also play a ton of roller hockey.

Eventually this blog site will go to a permanent url and expand but for now….here we are.

2 thoughts on “Pro Hockey & CTW background info

  1. trekmom says:

    I’m enjoying your blog, your photos are fantastic. I was wondering if you would mind if I printed out 2 photos to give to the hockey players, their parents don’t get to see them play often and they enjoy sending photos home. I’m in the Booster Club for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. I’d like to give Scooter Vaughn a copy of that photo you took of him, it’s really great. thanks.

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