Scooter Vaughan(7) Bridgeport Sound Tigers

Scooter Vaughan

Undrafted 3rd year defenseman Scooter Vaughan(7) received his first call up to the AHL and is trying to make the most of it without looking back.

Signed to a second season with ECHL South Carolina Stingrays, after only 20 games into the current campaign he called up on a pto with Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

Now 25 games into his tryout, he has 3 goals and 3 assists and has played in all types of on-ice situations, even being bumped up to a forward position.

The listed at 6′ (seems a bit generous) 195 lbs. blue liner was off to a fast start on the score sheet this season scoring a pair of goals and 6 assists and had his best showing in his sophomore season with 6 tallies and 14 helpers.

There appears to be little doubt that when he was picked up by the Stingrays after being released by Wheeling Nailers, where he played in his rookie year, a coach worked with him to shoot the puck more often and it’s improved his game tenfold.

The 24-year old will likely get an spc to finish out the regular season in the upper league.

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