Maxime Sauve(7) Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins‘ 2nd round pick in the 2008 draft (#47 overall) center Max Sauve(7) finally got in his first NHL game and just over 3 minutes of ice time in suffers what is said to be a hip injury and is now added to the team’s ever growing list of walking wounded.

He had been limited to only 30 games with Providence Bruins, because of a concussion he suffered earlier in the season. In his second season he’s put up 7 goals and 10 assists.

The 22-year old (6’2″ 184 lbs.) scored 21 goals and added 17 assists in his first year

He signed a 3-year entry level deal that has one more season left but you have to figure the B’s organization sees a potential huge upside in his growth as a player, if he can steer clear of injuries. No doubt he’s going to have to bulk up to power forward intensity. He already plays that style of game but is still a little light to be effectively throwing that body around.

He was one of the last players reassigned to the AHL from training camp.


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