James Sheppard(15) Worcester Sharks

Center James Sheppard(15) was Minnesota Wild‘s 1st round pick in 2006 (#9 overall) and played for three NHL seasons with the team but fell far short of expectations putting in only 11 goals, along with 38 assists in 224 games.

Not exactly the numbers expected from a player selected in the first round of the draft after a couple of phenomenally successful last couple years in juniors.

Then in the offseason, right before his fourth campaign he gets injured horsing around on some heavy all-terrain equipment and 2010/2011 get scrapped. It’s derailed most of this season as well as he continues to rehab but he finally appeared.

He was picked up in a low rent trade by San Jose Sharks before the start of 2011/2012 and continued to rehab. Finally set to go, he was reassigned to the AHL for the 1st time in his career on a conditioning stint, where he could very well stay in Worcester. In 4 games he has yet to get on the scoresheet, but does have 6 shots on net.

We’re sure San Jose would love to roll the dice, because they need to find a way to win or they’ll miss the playoffs for the first time since 2004.

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